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Valentina Horvath withheld 28th Mar 2017
Guestbook Entry
Munkát keresek megbízható lány vagyok éves vagyok de bármilyen munkát el végzek gyerekekre vigyázni vagy takarítani de öregek kezelése is megfelel bármi le írom a számom és ha bárki tudd valamit hívjon Köszönöm :7734312066

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Laura Sauer withheld 26th Mar 2017
Budapest Festival Orchestra in Chicago
Hello! The Budapest Festival Orchestra is coming to perform at Symphony Center in Chicago (220 S Michigan Ave) on February 8. Tickets are available at Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions:, 312-294-3340. Thank you and I hope to see you there!

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Zsofia Otvos withheld 26th Oct 2016
Magyar kiallitas Chicagoban
Sunday, November 6th 3-7pm
by appointment Nov. 7th and 8th 5-8pm

The Elephant room
2727 S. Mary Street, Chicago Il 60608

Zsófia Ötvös presents her new series of work, based on the fictional and somewhat biographical character, “Irma May”. Irma is a timeless force of a woman revoking the sensibility of the beginning of the century. Zsófia portrays her on large-scale intricate multimedia graphite drawings on paper and some paintings.

Irma presents her own salon of diverse artists including Orsi Arato, Tapestry, Lidoska Giuetti, Oil, Robin Rios, sculpture, Melissa Kolbusz, Wired jewelry, Abel Szalontai, photography, JoJo baby dolls, Kass Coppeland, collage, Orsi Hegyi with “Love and Bags” and C.C. Wallace painting, and Raub Walsh painting.

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marge debock(Kardos) withheld 26th Oct 2016
Hungarian violinist
My grandfather, Kardos Pista was born in Visk,
Hungary and had an Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra that played for many weddings, bar mitzyahs and grape dances. He passed away in 1974. I remember the Frank Kovacs radio program and all the wonderful Hungarian friends of our family.

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Vajdai Anita withheld 14th Aug 2016
Chicagoi latogatas
Kedves Chicagoi Magyarok!

Diakkent dolgozom az USA-ban, PA allamban egy camp-ben es nagyon szeretnem a munka vegeztevel Chicagot is meglatogatni. ( AUG. 31- SZEPT. 4) Rendkivul halas lennek egy kis segitsegert es par jotanacsert a varossal kapcsolatban.
Utitarsakat sajnos nem talaltam, igy kulonosen jol jonnenek a hasznos otletek. :)

Elore is koszonom!
e-mail cimem:

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